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About Us

Focused on Performance, Driven by Engineering

RAHOX Brakes was started in 2013 with a challenging goal; create the best performance and quality disc brake pads for mountain bikes, through science and engineering knowledge.

RAHOX Brakes is a company based in the Basque Country, Spain, and founded by a materials engineer with more than 11 years in the automotive industry and passion for mountain biking.

Rahox founder in the late 80s in a local competition

Rahox founder in the late 80's in a local competition riding a MS Racing Pro Comp XT bike

Quality and performance

From the very beginning our main concern was to offer a product that exceeded the braking performance offered by other manufacturers through an engineering/scientific approach, and our experience as passionate and perfectionist mountain bikers.

After evaluating the quality and performance of several brake pad manufacturers around the world, our obsession to build top quality products led us to manufacture our brake pads in Japan, country with a great number of respected and trusted brake part manufacturers.

RAHOX disc brake pads are Made in Japan to our exact specifications by a trustworthy brake pad company, meeting with the highest standards. We are so confident about the manufacturing quality, that we provide a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Brake system thermal simulation performed to estimate the temperature variation in the mountain bike brake pad backplate

Tested beyond real life conditions

We test and develop our products beyond the required standards, by means of laboratory testing, extreme real testing and with the helpful feedback of our ambassador riders. Exhaustive extreme operation testing undergoes at RAHOX, pushing mountain bike disc brake pads to the limit. You can trust that our brake pads have been tested in very demanding real life conditions by ourselves and ambassador riders, and in extreme conditions never seen before.

Brake pad testing performed to check the thermal behaviour in extreme conditions

Stephen Brullé testing Rahox brake pads in Châtel Bike Park (French Alps)

Our brake pads can only be purchased from this website, so we can sell premium quality brake pads direct to customers at reasonable prices.

Service and Shipping

We are proud of delivering premium quality brake pads and providing a very responsive customer service. If you are unsure what type of brake pads you need, or can't decide between different pad compounds after reading our selection guide please contact us.

Orders are daily shipped from our warehouse with Certified Postal Service Priority (2-10 business days depending on the country). We are sorry but at this moment we only deliver to Europe (see full country list here).

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RAHOX slogan we love MTB

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