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Why use RAHOX semi metallic brake pads?

Semi Metallic compound. Our semi-metallic brake pads are hybrid between organics and full sintered metallics. They combine the characteristics of sintered metallic and organic formulations in a single hybrid brake pad, offering the best compromise between noise reduction, high brake power, durability and fade resistance.Thanks to the added metallic fibres, they will give you the powerful and silent initial bite of the best organics, but with a greatly increased lasting and good hot performance like the sintered pads. The friction material is made of a proprietary metal, aramid fibers and organic phenolic resin mixture with high friction coefficient, and is bonded to a high strength steel backing plate coated with RAHOX specific insulating paint, avoiding excessive heat transfer to the brake calliper.Three different brake pad compounds are available depending on user demands.

RAHOX semi metallic mtb brake pad detail

High quality. Quality is critical for us, so forget about manufacturing quality related problems, like noise created by uneven pad wear, fast pad glazing or performance variations between different pad pairs. All our products are Made in Japan to our exact specifications, and have a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Brake system thermal simulation performed to estimate the temperature variation in the mountain bike brake pad backplate and rotor

RAHOX brake pads quality test - Shearing machine

Shearing machine used to measure the force required to shear the friction material from the steel backplate of the brake pad

RAHOX pads are made in Japan

Tested in the laboratory and in the real world. Our pads are tested in the laboratory to ensure the quality and safety but also under real extreme conditions or by experienced riders around the world. We are always trying to improve the quality and performance of our brake pads.

RAHOX mtb brake pad extreme testing

Extreme test performed with RAHOX brake pads


Stephen Brullé riding in Whistler Bike Park using our HyperSpeed brake pads for Avid Elixir 7 Trail brakes

Very fast bedding in. Every RAHOX brake pad friction contact area is treated to obtain an extremely flat surface, therefore almost eliminating the bedding in time and reducing the noise generation. Perform two or three hard brakes and your brake pads will be ready to rock at full power.

Still not convinced?, see the following video to check how RAHOX brake pads can withstand with extreme heat.

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