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Disc brake pad selection guide

RAHOX mountain bike semi-metallic brake pads are available in three different compounds, depending on your speed needs and ride conditions. Semi-metallic brake pads combine the best attributes of sintered metallic and organic formulations in a single hybrid brake pad. Combining different organic and inorganic fibres, phenolic resin as a binder and metallic fibres, semi-metallic brake pads offer the best compromise between noise reduction, high brake power, durability and fade resistance.

Speed Compound

  • Very good initial bite and excellent durability.
  • Very good brake power and modulation.
  • If you are searching for an all-rounder with improved braking power over the standard brake pads and excellent durability, the Speed compound is for you.

SuperSpeed Compound

  • Excellent initial bite and brake power, with very good durability, modulation and hot performance.
  • SuperSpeed compound can withstand with enduro/freeride or hard cross-country demands, and if you climb hard and go down even harder this is your choice.

HyperSpeed Compound

  • Superb brake power, modulation and heat resistance, with good durability. HyperSpeed compound is made for speed addicts, and this is your choice if you need the best and most powerful mountain bike braking experience within RAHOX brake pads range.

Rahox brake pads performance radar chart

For all brake systems with spring clip for pad retraction, high quality stronger steel spring is provided with each pair of RAHOX brake pads.

All RAHOX disc brake pads are fully compatible with all type of mountain bike brake rotors, including “Resin Pads Only” rotors.

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