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RAHOX Avid X0 Trail - Elixir 7 Trail - Elixir 9 Trail brake pads available - Buy now

RAHOX Avid Exilir 7 Trail, Elixir 9 Trail and X0 Trail pads available in SuperSpeed and  HyperSpeed compounds for gravity riders. Upgrade your Avid four pot brake system performance with our Japan made high quality pads. Buy now HERE

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RAHOX TRP Spyre brake pads available - Buy now

Disc brakes are coming to the road, and several brands will use the TRP Spyre road mechanic disc brakes on 2015 road/cross bikes. We have developed high performance brake pads for the TRP Spyre, TRP Hyrd  and TRP Hylex models, with the same Japanese quality used in our mtb brake pads. RAHOX pads offer superb braking power [...]

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Mountain bike brake pad compounds explained. How to choose the right mountain bike disc brake pads.

Do you know the differences between the brake pad compounds available in the market?. Check the following information in our blog and choose the right one How to choose the best MTB disc brake pads: Pad compounds explained

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Review: Shimano XT RT86 Ice-Tech brake disc rotor

There are many possibilities when it comes to improving the power of the brake system in our mountain bike. From changing the brake pads, to change the disc with one of better quality or larger diameter, increasing the braking capability of our system. There are a variety of brake disc rotors on the market, fixed discs, floating, with different designs, [...]

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RAHOX mountain bike brake pads extreme testing: Blowtorch strikes back

Below you can see the results of our last extreme test, putting one set of RAHOX brake pads (type Shimano BR- M445-M446) under the butane blowtorch. Although it may seem a weird test, since no mountain bike braking situation will cause the pads to reach the temperature showed in the video, this test gives an idea of the [...]

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