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RAHOX mountain bike brake pads extreme testing: Blowtorch strikes back

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Below you can see the results of our last extreme test, putting one set of RAHOX brake pads (type Shimano BR- M445-M446) under the butane blowtorch. Although it may seem a weird test, since no mountain bike braking situation will cause the pads to reach the temperature showed in the video, this test gives an idea of the strength of the bond between the friction material and the steel plate of the brake pad, against distortions / thermal expansion.

As can be seen, there is no friction material fractures by thermal expansion, no detachment of the friction material or dimensional distortion of the backplate (it doesn’t bend).

In the following images you can see that the friction material is still firmly attached to the steel back plate (click to see in detail).

RAHOX pad front sideRAHOX pad back sideRAHOX pad lateral side

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